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    What does Unity 3D special effect refers to?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    2. The special effects of Unity3D can be divided into three types:
      The first type, the original type (the art of heavy art, commonly known as frame animation, 2D games are mostly used, difficulty __ simple):
      Do several pictures from the beginning of the explosion to the smoke spread. The program only needs to be switched to display in the program to achieve the effect of an explosion.
      The second type, commonly used type (the same art procedures, particle systems, 2D, 3D games can be used, difficulty __ general):
      , a special effect of explosion, first release several particles in the explosion center, Surgery around, change the particle state according to the diffusion distance or generate other particles according to the diffusion distance to form an explosive effect.
      The third type, high -end type (program heavy, Shader special effects, 2D and 3D games can be used, difficulty __ difficulty):
      , a sphere in the explosion position, through the shadeer, through the shadeer Control the texture display on the surface of the sphere and change more advanced attributes, and you can make an effect that the first two methods cannot achieve.

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