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    What does the game development need to have?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    2. I. The concept of game development and production
      1. Game development is a process. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of players to play the game, by following the design and production rules, the game elements such as characters and scenes are designed.
      2, the main processes include original painting creation, modeling, material, lighting and rendering, bone settings, animation, special effects and other parts. The scope includes: game rules and gameplay, visual art, programming, productization, sound effects, screenwriter, game characters, props, scenes, interfaces and other elements.
      3. In the final analysis of game program development, it is a software engineering, which is an important part of the game manufacturing link. Game program development is the highest in technology, and the salary of game programmers is much higher than other occupations. At present, the gap in the game level in the game profession is very large, and the supply is in short supply. rn二、游戏开发需要具备的知识rn1、游戏本质分析,游戏产业概论、游戏开发流程及职业划分、玩家需求分析、构思创意及文档编写要求、游戏故事设计、游戏元素、 Rules, tasks, systems, level design, game balance settings, interface and operation functions.
      2, perspective foundation, composition foundation, structural sketch, light and dark sketch, artistic anatomy basics, sketches of characters, adobe software applications, modeling foundations, game art style techniques, color foundation, game color practice, portrait drawing, texture performance Essence
      3, 3DMAX software foundation, game material foundation, game prop production, and work rendering.
      three, game scene production skills, scene material production, cartoon character production, realistic role production, monster production. Simple classification is:
      1, solid algorithm knowledge. Mainly: search algorithms, A*algorithm, collision detection algorithm, BSP tree, artificial intelligence.
      2, related graphics processing knowledge. For example: Direct X programming, OpenGL programming, graphics related knowledge (the body, texture, texture, lighting, and the anti -hidden algorithm of three -dimensional objects such as oil painting algorithms, Z cache) and animation processing knowledge. If you want to go deeper, you need to learn several three -dimensional engines such as OGRE.
      3, solid programming language skills, mainly represents VC, Delphi and Java. Among them, VC uses the most widely, and now the larger game is also developed; Delphi is also very powerful. Many online games: such as Delphi and legend; Java is used to develop mobile games.
      . What are the need to learn for game development
      1? Basic public courses: Game Overview Photoshop plane software and pixel art 3DSMAX software basic and renderings production game program design foundation and game production principle game game game Planning, production, testing and operation practice game industry planning and professional quality.
      2, professional skills courses: mobile 2D game development 2D game development technology C language and algorithm foundation Win32 program development and MFC basics 2D game development practice industry planning and professional quality. 2D online game development The main learning content includes online game program design, online game algorithm design, 2D online game platform design, and commercial actual combat project training, including C , data structure, algorithm foundation, Windows API use, MFC principle and its application, 2D graphics, 2D graphics Rendering technology, interface design and application.
      3, game program direction: Direct 3D program development foundation 3D game development technology actual combat game engine modification and network communication, database and game server, industry planning and professional quality, game comprehensive project practical training, base top -level project training training Essence
      . Common software for game development
      1, 3DSMAX: ​​Most game development companies are used by art, high efficiency, and can produce all art -related resources in the game independently.
      2, Delphi: Directly compile and generate executable code, fast compilation speed. Because the Delphi compiler uses conditional compilation and selection link technology, the execution file generated by it is more refined and running faster. In terms of processing speed and access server, Delphi's performance is much higher than other similar products.
      3, Photoshop: Photoshop is a good image editing software. The application field of Photoshop is wide and involved in all aspects of images, graphics, text, videos, and publishing.
      4, Maya: Software, similar to 3DSMAX, depends on personal preferences. MAYA is slightly worse than MAX in terms of production, but these two software are compatible in many aspects.
      5, others: On personal computers, software development tools that are currently currently used, such as: C, C , VC , Delphi, C Builder, etc. Due to the popularity of Windows operating systems and its powerful multimedia functions, more and more games support the Windows operating system.

    3. In the process of gaming design, the following problems are mainly studied, including:
      (1) Provide the theoretical basis for the design of the game player by studying the psychological needs of the game player.
      (2) Design game functions, game elements, game interaction.
      (3) Construct the core model evolution model in the game, that is, the application of genetic algorithms in the game.
      (4) Build the core model behavior model in the game
      (5) Construct game technology, establish relevant algorithms and processes, and complete game program writing.
      (6) Test and evaluate game works.
      In addition to this:

      (1) Game psychology: Make players personal satisfaction in the continuous interaction with the game plot Satisfaction and value.
      (2) Game value: combine the genetic algorithm with pet evolution games, build an evolutionary model and behavior model, enrich the playability of the game, and create more game value.
      (3) Psychological research: Through the analysis of psychology in the game, enrich the perspective of psychology.
      (4) Research on genetic algorithms: The application scope of the expansion of the genetic algorithm can not only be used in character distribution and path planning, but also has good performance in many other aspects. , Rich research on genetic algorithms.

    4. The first is funds. Whether you are independent or teamwork, funds are essential. Many small teams have bright creativity and excellent technology, but finally fell to the capital chain. One article stumped the hero.
      It you must have strength, strength is divided into hard power and soft power. Hard power is the development team. The art is strong enough, and the procedure must be hard. No matter what the ideas are empty, it can make people feel that you are not an ordinary person. There is no way, the game industry is creative. The first one can eat crabs, the second one may drink at most, and the third one has to be meal. And soft power refers to your packaging and marketing of the game, which is also important. It determines whether your game can be sold, whether it sells well, and deducts the importance of the previous funds.
      Finally, you have to have a good environment. In fact, not only did this to the country, sometimes the development team took out a too advanced thing, or that the tendency of the players at the time would lead to the failure of the final project.
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