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    What are the single -machine mahjong games


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “What are the single -machine mahjong games”
    1. China Mahjong: Tencent Mobile Games, as well as some other games (such as Pok)
      The Japanese Mahjong: Jansou
      dragon, sparrow
      Tianji card, genius mahjong girl (Note: characters have characters, there are characters in the characters ability)

    2. The Mahjong Legend of the Sugarcane Network
      "Mahjong Legend I" is a classic national-stand-alone mahjong game launched by Sugar Cane. It uses Volkswagen Mahjong and national standard Mahjong rules. The game operation is simple and clear. Players can easily carry out leisure and entertainment to experience the profoundness of the national essence. Buy different game props (such as clearing one -color skills, touches of Hu skills, invisible card skills, etc.), call the wind and rain in the game, and experience the fun of the hemp! The game interface is beautiful and generous, with classical flavors. 18 computer opponents have their own shapes and simulation visual effects, bringing you a better gaming experience. The archive function allows you to save or play games at any time to achieve truly relaxed entertainment.

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