• Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

    Please recommend me a fun game stand -alone game


    Sep 23, 2022
    6 thoughts on “Please recommend me a fun game stand -alone game”
    1. Tears recommend that the Three Kingdoms Cao Cao Chuan is super fun, you know, there are some, there are not much to talk about the flame coat, the wind color fantasy series Magic Elf 3: The company of the empty trajectory is very good, very difficult, can challenge the challenge, you can challenge the challenge I am

      It fatal force 1 and 2: The classic battle chess produced by Hantang, the difficulty is not low, and the picture is also gorgeous

      Battle chess, but the quality is still quite excellent

      The sky and earth robbery: This is the best battle chess in the country, but the picture is a bit worse

      But the combat method is war chess. The difficulty 5 is quite challenging

      The creation of the century war 3part1, part2, West wind mad poetry 2: The plot of the three is one of the best in war chess, but the difficulty is lower, but the difficulty is lower.

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