• Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

    Please introduce a few rich men games for me! Fun! @!


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “Please introduce a few rich men games for me! Fun! @!”
    1. Monopoly 1-8
      Old Master Monopoly
      The rich world
      Prose and rich man
      virtual life
      R N Pi Ming Monopoly
      Mama Monopoly
      The full English rich man with a boring car for fantasy games
      The rich man's hand -made chess
      . The simulator males
      fc game has the best chess
      gba with a mini version of the rich
      PS2 with a rich man game and Ttarar tram n n1 Monopoly Online (the only orthodox online version of the rich)
      2 Grand Monopoly (the first online version of the rich)
      3 Rich Street (similar to the web version of the Monopoly Online)
      4 Super Super Monopoly Monopoly (I am most looking forward to the Duo Wanfa rich man who has never played)
      5 Richjia Westward Journey (the worst and most unfair monk game I have played)
      I just learned that the news has not been played)

      The single machine has a virtual life 1-3
      The rich man
      Beauty Monopoly
      Pirates × Pirate
      The people with 6 people's livelihoods (have not played unknown)
      7 n7 创 网 美
      8 and one is one is The rich man who teaches people to know the national tax (forgot the name, it may be repeated with a rich man)
      9 Intellectual monk (generally only knowledgeable or highly learned, you can play well to answer the rich)
      10 Rich (new game)
      FLASH also has a rich man
      New names are
      1flash Doraemon rich
      2 Star Cat Monopoly n3 Monopoly Web Version R r r r r r
      The rich man of the mobile phone Java can also play on the computer through the urchin mobile game simulator
      The most famous is the rich 2

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