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    New goals-all words of junior high school English classification new goals


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    1. Junior high school English commonly used phrases
      1. There are nearly 500 phrases in the Chinese Communist Party of China English textbooks, and some of them are commonly used phrases, which are required to be skilled.
      2. In the study, pay attention to the accumulation of phrases, and pay special attention to the accumulation of prepositions and phrases.
      3. For the meaning of fixed phrases, it is not expected to be wen. For example, the verb look is willing to "see", but the look after means "care", the look up (a word in a
      ) means "(in the dictionary) search (word)".
      4. Pay attention to the use of crown words in fixed phrases. Sometimes the crown words can cause changes in the meaning of the word. For example, Go the School means "school", and Go to the
      school means "going to school"; take play means "occur", and take the r
      Place means "replacement". Some word groups must be used in words, while others are not used. For example, in the event, at night.
      . The verb verification group (including phrases and verbs), prepositions and other phrases
      (1) The word group composed of BE
      1) be back/in/out n2) be at home/work at home/work
      3) Be good at good, good at
      4) Be careful of beware of, pay attention, carefully
      5) n6) be ready for ... Preparation
      7) Be Surprise (at) is surprised
      8) be in yes ... I feel
      9) n10) Be on in progress, in the stage, (lamp) is on
      11) Be able to do sth. Dare to do ..., I'm afraid ...)
      13) be angry with sb. be famous for ... and the famous
      16) be strict in (with) (with work, right) strict requirements
      17) be from from ..., where is the place
      18) be hungry/ Thirs/tired is hungry/thirsty/tired
      19) be worn worry
      20) be (well) word doing (very) is worth doing ...
      21) be covered with ... …
      22) be in (Great) Need of (very) requires
      23) be in trurable in the predicament
      24) be glad to do sth. Very happy to do ...
      25) be late for ... late
      26) be made of (from) from
      27) be satisfied with ... I am satisfied with
      28) n29) be (ILL) in BED lying in bed
      30) be busy doing (with) busy doing ... (busy ...)

      (2) , GO, HAV E, Help, Keep, Make, LOOKE, PUT, SET, Send, TAKE, TURN, PLAY and other verbs composition

      1) Come back back
      2) Come down
      3 ) COME in, come in
      4) Come on fast, let's go, come with me
      5) COME OUT out
      6) COME OUT of from ... R n8) COME from from ...
      9) Do one lessons/homework do homework/home homework
      10) Do more speaking/read more oral exercises/read aloud
      12) Do some Shopping (COOKING Reading, Cleaning) buy something (cook meals, read some books, clean up)
      13) Do a good deed (good deeds) to do a good thing (do good things)
      14) Do Morning Exercises Do Morning Exercise
      15) Do Eye Exercises Make Eye Health exercise
      16) Do Well in ... Everything is ready
      19) get ready for (= be ready for) as ... make preparations
      20) get on (well) with ... get along (harmonious)
      22) Get Rid of removed, remove
      23) Get in enter, collect
      24) Get On/OFF on/off
      25) Arrive there
      27) Give sb. A call for ... call
      28) Give A talk as a report
      29) GIVE A Lecture (a Piano Concert) lecture (held piano concert) r
      30) GIVE BACK returned, returned to
      31) Give ... some advice on ... some advice
      32) give lessons to ... Class
      33) Give in yield
      34) GI VE UP abandon
      35) Give sb. A CHANCE ... One chance
      36) GIVE A Message to ... Give ... a message
      37) Go ahead first, go forward, go, let
      38) Go to the cinema watching movies
      39) Go Go Bed Sleep (Make The Bed sort out beds)
      40) Go to school (college) to school (college)
      41 ) Go to (the) Hospital go to the hospital to see a doctor
      42) Go over, review/go over to towards ... Go to
      43) Go Fishing/SKATING/SHOPPING to hook fish/skate/swimming/swimming /Buy things
      44) Go Home (there (there) Go home (go there)
      45) Go Round By the way, detour
      46) Go up up
      47) Go Out for a Walk Take a walk
      48) Go on (doing) continues (do ...)
      49) Go on with one worg continues someone's work
      50) Go upstairs/ downstairs
      51) (The Lights) Go Out (Light) Exit
      52) Have A Lesson (Lessons)/A Meeting Class/Meet
      53) Have A Football Match (MATCH) held a football (blue ball) game
      54) Have Dictation I heard
      55) have a try
      56) have a good/wonderful time. Piano Concert)
      58) have a report (talk) on a report about ... report
      59) have a glass of water (a cup of tea) to drink a glass of water, (a cup of tea)
      60) have Breakfast/Lunch/SUPPER eat breakfast/lunch/dinner
      61) have a meal (three meals) Eat a meal (three meals)
      62) a dinner eat dinner
      63) Have Bread and Milk for Breakfast Breakfast Eat bread and milk
      64) Have (have got) a headache headache
      65) Have a fever fever n66) cough (a color) cough (cold)
      67) have a look (at) to see ...
      68) have a rest (a break) rest for a while (inter -work or inter -class)
      69 ) have a talk talk
      70) Have A swim/Walk swimming/walking
      71) Have Sports for physical exercise
      72) Have A Sports Meet (Meeting) Have Something Done Let people (please) do ...
      74) have a test/an exam test/test
      75) Have an idea has an idea
      76) Had better do sth. (Not do sth. ) It is best to do ... (It is best not to do ...)
      77) have a word with and ... talk about a few words
      78) help sb. With sth. Help sb. Do sth. Help ... Help ... Do
      79) Help OneSelf to Some Chicken/Fish/Meat Please eat some chicken/fish/meat
      80) Help Each Other help each other
      81) Keep up with Upper ..., not behind ...
      82) Keep Silent/Quiet keeps silent/quiet
      83) Keep sb. Doing sth.
      85) Make a noise (a Lot of Noise, Much Noise, Noise) noisy (very noisy, noise)
      86) Make a living
      87) Make sb. Do sth. ...
      88) Make Faces (a face) Make face
      89) Make Friends (with) and ... make friends
      9 0) Make A Mistake (Mistakes) makes mistakes
      91) Make Room/Space for ... freezes out of the place
      92) Make a sencence (Sentences) with ... sentence
      93) Live fire
      94) Be Made from/of/OF is made from
      95) be made in ... Local manufacturing
      96) Look out of (outside) to look outside (see outside)
      97 ) look up a word (in the) check the dictionary
      98) Look up to look up, look up at
      99) Look after, take care, take care of
      100) Look for
      101) Look like It looks like
      102) Look Fine/Well/Tired/Woried looks good/healthy/fatigue/worry
      103) Look out of mind, be careful
      104) Look on ... as ... Make ... look at
      105) look around to see
      106) Look at watch ...
      107) put on (clothes), put on (hat), staged (drama) r
      108) Put up, set up, hang up, lift up, Zhang Tie
      109) put into enters, enter
      110) Putternes heart insto is fully focused on
      111) ……放下rn112)put…into… 把……译成rn113)set up 竖起,建起rn114)set off 出发,动身rn115)set out 出发r n116) Set an example for is ... set an example
      117) Send for send someone to ask for (called)
      118) Send Out, send
      120) Take one advice Listen to someone's advice
      121) Take out, take it out
      122) Take down and win
      123) Take Place
      124) Take one play ... … Seats, replacing someone's position
      125) Take Th E Place of instead ...
      126) Take a Walk/REST walk/rest
      127) Take it easy don't be nervous
      128) take sth.with sb. . To a Park/London for Ones Holidays take someone to the park/London vacation
      130) Take care of care, take care, custody
      131) take a look (a last look) at a look (finally, take a look at it. At a glance)
      132) Take an exam Take the exam
      133) Take Away to take away
      134) Take back and take back
      135) Take hold of ... Off (clothes, hat, shoes, shoes, etc.) Remove
      137) take (an active) part in (active) participation (activity)
      138) take photos
      139) R n140) take a bus/train, boat/ride of bus, train/ship
      141) Turn on, turn on (electric light, radio, etc.)
      142) Turn off (electric light, radio, etc.)
      143) Turn in surrendered, handed in
      144) Turn… into ... Turn to
      145) Turn to turn to
      146) n147) Turn ... over ... Turn over
      148) Play basketball, football play football, play volleyball
      149) Play Games game
      150) Play the Piano (the violin) piano (Raolin) Xiaoxin)
      151) Play with Snow Playing Snow
      152) Play a Joke (ON) ... Jacquil
      (3) The word groups composed of other verbs
      153) Think over carefully
      154) Arrive at/in a Place to reach somewhere
      155) Eat up finish, eat light
      156) Do well in ... IKE Doing Sth. I like to do something
      158) Find OUT found that (the truth is equal)
      159) finish off finished, finish
      160) Stop doing sth.
      161) STOP to do STH. Stop to do something
      162) Hold A meting Hold a meeting
      163) Hold up lift up
      164) n165) Enter for sign up for
      166) Langht at laughed at
      167) Be used to get used to
      168) USED to used to be often
      169) Wake ... Calculate
      , verb phrases, preposition phrases and other phrases
      1) Ask for to ..., request
      2) Ask for leave (Call)
      4) Pay for pay ... the model
      5) Wait for waiting
      6) thanank for is ... thanks
      7) Someone apologize
      8) Look for looking for
      9) Leave ... For leave ...
      10) Fall OFF falls
      11) Catch Cold cools, wind
      12) Catch up without
      13) Agree with sb. Agree, agree with someone's opinion
      14) Filled ... with ... full
      15) tell sb. About sth. R n16) Talk About talk ...
      17) Think About considers ...
      18) Worry About worry ...
      19) LOOK AFTER care
      21) Read after and ... read
      22) Smile at right ... Smile
      23) Knock at knock (door, window)
      25) Throw away throw away
      26) Work Hard at work hard to do ...
      27) WAI t in line waiting in line
      28) CHANGE ... into ... into
      29) Hurry Into ... hurriedly entered
      30) Run into ... Run
      31) Hear of hear
      32) Think of believes, consider
      33) Catch Hold of
      34) Instead of instead ...
      35) Hand in intersection
      36) STAY in BED lying in bed
      37) Hear from received ... letter
      38) at ONCE immediately
      39) At last last
      40) At first, first
      41) at the age of ... n42) at the end of ... at the end of
      43) at the beginning of ... at the beginning of
      44) at the foot of ... Time at the same time
      46) At night/Noon at night/noon
      47) With one help, with the help of someone, due to the help of someone
      48) With the help of ... Next
      49) with a smile with a smile
      50) With One Own Eyes see
      51) after a while for a while
      52) FROM NOW on from now
      53) From then on from then
      54) Far Example, such as
      55) far away from
      56) FROM MOLLNING TILL NIGHT from morning to night
      57) ) By Air Mail sent voyage emails
      59) By Ordinary Mail sent Pingxin
      60) By the way By the way
      61) by the window by the window
      62) by the end of ... … At the bottom
      63) Little by Little gradually
      64) In all
      65) In fact, in fact
      66) In one twenties
      67) in a huhurry
      68) in the middle of in the middle
      69) in no time (in a minute) immediately, soon
      70) in time (on time) Timely
      71) In public public, openly
      72) in order to ...
      73) in Front of in the front
      74) ) In the end, finally
      76) In Surprise surprised
      77) In turn
      78) Of cases, of course
      79) A bit (of) is a little
      80) A LOT of many
      81) On one way to someone is going ... on the way
      82) On FOOT walking, walking
      83) A talk on space a report on space
      84) On the Other Hand, on the other hand
      85) AT/On the Weekend on weekends
      86) On the left (right) on the left (right)
      87) on the Other Side of in ... On the one side
      88) On the Radio via radio (radio radio)
      89) to one joy ... happy is
      90) to the one Surprise ... surprised Words and other phrases
      (1) Quantitative word group
      1) a bit a bit
      2) a few (of) some (can), a few ...
      3) a little (Unknown)
      4) A LOT of (LOTS of) Many
      5) a piece of one (one, block)
      6) a cup of one of a glass
      8) a pile of (piles and piles of) (a pile of piles) ...
      9) a box of a box
      10) a copy of one, one Ben
      11) A bowl of a bowl
      12) A base of one basket
      13) a pos apate of a plate
      14) a bo ttle of a bottle
      15) A Basin of One Basin
      16) A set of a set of
      17) A Kind of a kind of
      18) A Type of a type of
      19) A GREAT DEAL OF is very many, a large number of (countless nouns)
      20) a large (GREAT) Number of very, a large number of (can be counted)
      21) a large amount of a large, many (many (many (many Can be countdowned)
      22) A Different Type of a different model of
      23) A Group of team, a group, a group of
      (2) other phrases
      1) All Kinds of All kinds of
      2) All over the world/the country all over the world/national
      3) All over all over each part,
      4) All one life lifetime
      5) One after any Section
      6) The ChildrenS Palace Junior Palace
      7) Day After Day
      8) Up and down up and down
      9) The day after tomerroW Day Before Yesterday the day before yesterday
      11) The last/Past Two Years (or SO) in the past two years (left and right)
      12) The whole country/the whole world nationwide/the world
      14) Just now/then/then
      15) Half an hours Walk walk for half an hour. Category
      C means: bus, car, boat, ship, taxi, plan, train, stream, jeep,
      motorcar, bicycle, run car, AirPlane,
      n countries Class: China, America, Egypt, Brazil, SOUTH KOREA, NORTH KOREA, POLAND,
      NEW ZEALAN d, Japan, France, England, Canada, Australia, Argentina, rnHolland, Vietnam, India, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, rnNorway, Spain, German, , Thailand, Greece, South Africa,

      The body parts: Head, FOOT, Leg, Tooth, Hand, Ear, Eye, Nose, MOUTH, FACE,
      arm, Back, NECK, Stomach, Throat, Heart, Knee, Finger, Finger, Finger, Finger, TOE, BODY,
      hair, Beard, Elbow,

      clothing category: Scarf, Belt, Sneakers, Wallet, Earring, Hat, Jeans, WATCH,
      straw Hat, Ring Shoes, Skate Shoes , Backpack, Tie, BAG, PANTS, Socks,
      DRESS, Coat, Shirt, T-Shirt, SKIRT, SWEATER, Shoes,
      UNIFORM, Jacket, Earring, HAIR CLIP,

      Place class: Club,, Store,, Museum, School, Library,
      HOTEL, POOL, Post Office, Bank, Park, Zoo, Market, NGARDEN, TV Station, Police Station, Beach , Cinema, Church,
      Factory, Farm, Shop, Theater, Aquarium, College, Dining Room,
      barber Shop, Gymnasium, Gallery, Drugstore, Mall, Plaza,
      store, Video ARE, n
      color classes: Red, Black, Green, White, YELLOW, Orange, Brown, GREY , Pink,
      BLOND, Blue, Purple,

      Themology category: Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Eraser, Paper, Pencil-Box, Ink, Notebook,
      , Schoolbag, Schoolbag , Backpack, TextBook, Flashcard,

      Animals: Sheep, Horse, Monkey, Dolphin, Panda, Tiger, Fox, Snake, Rabbit, Lion,
      SHARK, Goat, DOG, COCK, Hen, Hen, Hen, Hen, Hen, Hen , Chicken, CK, Elephant, Camel, Bird, Wolf,
      POLAR BeAR, Giraffe, Koala, Penguin, Camel, Seal, Rabbitus, Octopus,
      KANGAROT, Parrot, TURTLELLLE, ANT, SPIME, SPIME, Manatee, Goldfish,
      , Cheetah,

      Time: January, February, March, April, May, JULY, August, SEPTEMBER,
      OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, R nspring, summer, autumn, winter rnSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday rnMorning, afternoon, noon, evening, night, second, minute, hour, day, week, r NMONTH, Year, Century
      Career: Doctor, NURSE, VET, Policeman, Engineer, Worker,
      FARMER, REPORTER, Teacher, Inventor, Scientist, Driver,,
      assistant, boss,,,,,,, author, writeer,
      , musician, guide, violinist, Pianist, Coach, CLERK, nsales assistant, cookist, director,,,,
      , , Head Teacher, Master, Pilot, Chef,
      Fisherman, Lawyer, Sailor, Tutor, Collector, R
      Singles:, FOOTBALL, Soccer, PING-PONG, Tennis,
      Vegetables: Carrot, Tomato, Cabbage, Onion, Potato, Green Pepper, Mushroom,
      BROCCOLI, Pumpkin, Lettuce,
      N N fruits: Apple, Orange, Banana, Pear, Peach, Pumpkin, Melon, Grape, Lemon,
      ,, Lychee, Papaya, Mango, Olive, Plum, Peach, Loquat,
      apricot, Cherry,
      N n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R N Food: Beef, Noodle, Mpling, Rice, Chip, Bread, Sandwich, WHEAT, EGG,
      BARBECUED Meat, Popcorn, Brown Bread, Chocolate, Shrimp, Dessert,


      Electric: Telephone, Phone, Co MPUTER, Radio, FRIDGE,
      Oven, Microwave Oven, Blender, Air,
      , Recorder, LAMP,

      Weather: Fine, Rainy, Cloudy, Stormy, Foggy, Foggy , Sunny, SNOWY,
      COLD, COOL, Hot, Warm, Humid,

      Disciplines: chinese, math, English, p.E, manic, history, biology,
      GEOGRAPhy , POLITICS, Computer, Science, Art, Algebra,

      Family spectrum:, Father, Mother, Uncle, AUNT, Sister,
      Brother, SON, DauGhter, Cousin, Husband, Wife, Parentt

      Kitchenware: Bowl, Plate, Table, Dish, Spoon, Cupboard, Fork, Knife,

      Prots Personality: Funny, Smart, CUTE, FRIENDLY, Shy, SHY, SHY,,, shy, shy, shy, shy Lazy, Serious,
      , Quiet, EasyGoing, OUTGOING, Generous, Moody, Lovely, LIVELY,
      talented, UPSet, Nervous, Loving, Unusual, Hard-) , Polite, Confident, Energetic, Realistic, Anxious,
      Drinks: SODA, Coffee, Milk, Water, POP, Beer, Lemonade, Orange, ICED

      Music: Jazz, Dance Music, Country Music, Classical Music, National Music, POP

    2. Transportation tools: BUS, Car, Boat, Ship, TAXI, Plane, Train, STREAMER, Jeep, Motorcar, BICYCLE, RUN Car, AirPlane national class: China, American, Egypt, Brazil, South KOREA, POLAND, New Zealand, Japan, France, England, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Holland, Vietnam, India, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Spain, German, , Thailand, Greece, South Africarn身体部位: Head, FOOT, Leg, Tooth, Hand, Ear, Eye, Nose, MOUTH, FACE, ARM, BACK, NECK, Stomach, Throat, Heart, Knee, FIE, BODY, Beard, Elbow,
      Clothing: Scarf, Belt, Belt, Wallet, Earring, Hat, Jeans, Watch, Straw Hat, Ring, Skate Shoes, Backpack, Tie, Bag, PANTS, SOCKS, Dress, Coat, Shirt, T-Shits, Skirts, Shits , Sweater, Shoes, Uniform, Jacket, Earring, Hair CLIP,
      Colors: Red, Black, Green, White, YELLOW, WROWN, GREY, Pink, Blue, PURPLE, Place Class: CLUB, , Store,, Museum, School, Library, Hotel, Pool, Post office, bank, park, zoo, market, garden, hospital, TV Station, Police station, beach, cinema, church, factory, farm, shop, theater, aquarium, college, dining room, barber shop, gymnasium, gallery, drugstore, , Mall, Plaza, Store, Video Arcade,
      SEMC: Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Eraser, Paper, Pencil-BOX, Ink, Notebook, Sharpener, Schoolbag, Backpack, TEXTBOOK, FLASHCARD Animals: Sheep, HORS, Monkey, Dolphin, Panda, Tiger, Fox, Snake, Rabbit, Lion, SHARK, Goat, Dog, Hen, Chicken, CK, Elephant, Camel, Wolf, POLAR BEAR, GIRAFFE, GIRAFFE, Giraffe Koala, Penguin, Camel, Seal, Rabbit, Octopus, Kangaroo, Parrot, TURTLLE, ANT, MOUSE, Spider, HAMSTEE, GOLDFISH, Cheetah N Time: January, March, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL, APRIL July, August, September, October, November, December,spring, summer, autumn, winter,Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,Morning, afternoon, noon, evening, night, second, minute, hour, Day, Week, MONTH, Year, Century
      Balls:, Football, Soccer, Ping-Pong, Tennis, Baseball, Badminton, Ice Hockey, Golf Occupation: Doctor, NURSE, VET, Policeman, Engineer, Farmer, Reacher, Inventor, Inventor, Inventor , Player, Singer, Dencer, Actor, Actress, Guide, Waiter, Waitress, Assistant, Boss,,,, Author, Writer, Musician, Guide, Violinist, Pianist, COACH, CORK, SALES Assistant, Dentant, COOK, DINTANTANTANT, COOK, DINTANTANTANTANTA, DINTANTANTANTANTORO, DINTATATATATARTORationationation, DERK, DINTANTANTANTANTANTOROROROROAAOOAOAOAOAOAOOAAOOOOAAAOOOOAsedationationationationationationationationationationationationationationationationationationationlybbbbbeterces ,, Head Teacher, Master, Pilot, Chef, Fisherman, Lawyer, Sailor, Tutor, Collector
      Vegetables: Carrot, Tomato, Cabbage, onion, PEEN PEPPER, Mushroom, BroColi, Pumpin n Fruits: Apple, Orange, Banana, Pear, Peach, Pumpkin, Melon, Grape, Lemon,,, Lychee, Papaya, Mango, Olive, PEACH, Loquat, Apricot, Cherry N Food Class: Beef , noodle, mpling, rice, chip, bread, sandwich, wheat, egg, Salad, hamburger, French fries, porridge, cheese, hot dog, biscuit, green pepper, pancake, chip, fish, chicken, meat, tofu, pizza, Candy, Gum, Barbecue d meat, popcorn, brown bread, chocolate, shrimp, dessertrn乐器: guitar, piano, drum, trumpet, violin, accordion, erhurn电器: telephone, phone, computer, , radio, fridge, oven , microwave oven, blender, air , , recorder, lamprn学科:Chinese, math, English, P.E, music, history, Physics, biology, geography, chemistry, politics, computer, science, art, algebra天气: fine , rainy, cloudy, windy, stormy, foggy, sunny, snowy, cold, cool, hot, warm, humidrn家族谱:, , father, mother, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, son, daughter, cousin , Husband, Wife, Parent
      Kitchenware: Bowl, Plate, Table, Dish, Spoon, Cupboard, Fork, Knife
      Character character: Funny, Smart, Cute, Friendly, SHY, Lazy, Serious, Serious, Serious, Serious, Serious, Serious, Serious , quiet, easygoing, outgoing, generous, moody, lovely, lively, talented, upset, nervous, loving, unusual, creative, hard-working, warm-hearted, gentle, polite, confident, energetic, realistic, anxious, braver n drinks: SODA, Coffee, Milk, Water, POP, Beer, Lemonade, JUICE, Orange, ICED Tea, Beve rage, cola
      Music: Jazz, Dance Music, Country Music, Classical Music, National Music, POP MUSIC

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