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    Have chess and card games sucked gold from your parents?


    Sep 22, 2022
    2 thoughts on “Have chess and card games sucked gold from your parents?”
    1. Hehehe, I have a bit of saying this. From a young age, I saw people at home playing mahjong and playing cards. Over time, I also understood the rules, but because of their young age, the elders were young and the elders were younger. I still won't be allowed to serve at the table, so I can't do it. I can fight with my friends, and then I gradually get started. I remember that after I went to college, my family would ask me to play cards occasionally. On the night of the New Year, my grandparents and mothers sat in front of the TV to watch the Spring Festival Gala. Suddenly I asked me to go downstairs to play cards. Surprise, there is still this kind of entertainment in the evening.
      I we are going to make 5 yuan a dollar. I didn't bring it down to prepare an empty glove white wolf. Sure enough, after a few rounds, only I have been earning. It was also basically bottomed out, and the grandfather began to play directly. When you lose, you will lose the card and say that the card is not good; when you lose your card, you will lose a few more pictures and touch the fish; He would say it was not a matter to take it back. What a cute old child ~ This year, I went to the future husband's house to play cards. On the left is my husband, the right side is the future mother -in -law, and I have no cash on my body. It ’s really not good -husband's skills, I ca n’t bear to bully him. I just saw the 200 principles borrowed by Dad, and I saw it after a while. Also give to Dad. Finally, after so long precipitation, my card skills were affirmed, and finally I could raise my eyebrows on the table table, hahaha

    2. some. But only my dad lost a lot of money on it, and my mother hated chess and card games very much.
      Iben, we are particularly popular to play mahjong. N Mahjong Pavilion in a community. At noon, the Mahjong Pavilion is full of people. The mahjong table is now. My dad, I especially like playing mahjong and fighting landlords when I was young. In fact, he is not good at the level, but he has always thought that he is very high. Basically, he lost money every time. My mother often says that he said that It means that every time you start your money, you will be nervous, and you will die more. If you look at your expression alone, you will know whether you are a good or bad card. In fact, if this kind of small losses, my mother wouldn't say anything, but once there was a lot of trouble, because my father lost a lot of money at that time, and then because he had no money on his body, he secretly hid from my mother to go to go to go to my mother. At that time, the bank existed (that would not seem to be called a bank, and the specific institution could no longer remember it) to take it out for gambling. More than a thousand pieces, more than 4,000 pieces of that era means that you all know what, the current four thousand is incomparable with the four thousand. Then because of this, my parents quarreled and almost made a divorce.
      The another reason for my mother hates chess and card games, that is, my uncle, he also lost a lot of money because of playing cards. As for how much you lost, I can only say that if I lose compared to my uncle lost, I can only lose. Money, my dad is a little witch, and it is zero.
      Therefore, this kind of chess and card games are really harmless, and try not to touch without touching.

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